You never know what lies ahead— food storage; a good idea

Patriot Supply #10 cans
Patriot Supply #10 cans


“a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

Ok– taking assessment of the future- I keep saving money into different funds, but I’m thinking: I’m saving digital figures into a digital system– it could go away with the click of a keyboard. And if I go draw it out into cash and keep it at home, a couple of things can happen– 1st) if there is a financial collapse, people will inflate things and it would take a lot of $ to get anything, and 2nd) you may not find it safe to go to a grocery anyway in order to use your cash and the store will be “empty” when you get there, and 3rd) it would only take the stroke of a pen of some “executive order” to make paper money useless (and it really is just paper). So, for future hard times, that leaves the alternatives of owning silver and gold, or just out right having and storing the things you need.
The point of all this is that Matt Redhawk. owner of Patriot Supply, has communicated to me that he has no alternative but to gradually increase the cost of his storeable foods, because his supplier cost for quality materials is increasing. Now is the time to purchase and store food and water supplies— do it now— now is the only time you have.. and if there is no “hard times”, it’s just food in the pantry which you bought ahead of schedule.

Here is the punch line: does a $10,000 electronic account balance at XYZ National Bank equal $10,000 of stored food in your home closet?

Please use my link below, and I promise you that any affiliate kickback that i receive, will go into my own storage program..


You really should begin to put away some storeable food– Patriot Supply items have a touted 25 year shelf-life.


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